Journaling is the key to creating RESULTS.  Are YOU ready to unlock your unlimited power and create the life of your dreams?


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I originally recorded these videos and created this course for the members of my Get Your GOAL Coaching + Accountability group, but you know what? It's SO GOOD and SO LIFE-CHANGING that I couldn't keep it to myself!

Killer Bs, I know exactly what it feels like to struggle with making, setting and achieving goals! For most of my life, I was the girl who couldn't run around the block, who quit every job I had, and who - until just a few years ago - was earning less than $5,000 a year.

Today, I'm a Boston Marathon-qualifying, 15x ultramarathoner, and a YouTuber who earns multiple six figures a year with a job I adore.

So, how did I do it? How did I turn my life around from being unfulfilled and desperate to abundant and accomplished?

My friend, here's the ONE THING that unlocked everything for me (and will for you, too): I learned how to JOURNAL for SUCCESS.

Seriously, it's that simple!  And here's why:  You already have everything you need to know in order to get everything you want right in your very own brain, and JOURNALING is how you're going to find it.

There are FIVE MAIN PIECES to the journaling puzzle, and each one is presented as a lesson for you here in this course with a quick video, suggestions for accompanying podcasts and an activity.

The lessons are short and doable, but incredibly powerful.  When you finish this course, you will be poised to set and smash any goal you dream of.

Are you ready?  Then let's GO!