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Getting fitter and stronger at ANY age can be a daunting task.  But the BODY SHAPER programs change all that, with a mindful + moderate approach to body-shaping.


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In just six weeks, with less than 30 minutes a day and absolutely no jumping or transitions up and down from the ground, you will see and feel remarkable differences in your health, strength and stamina.  How?  With this strength lover's workout plan that includes all the elements you need to get amazing body-shaping results, with an emphasis on muscle-building strength workouts.

Killer Bs, you don't have to knock yourself out doing super intense workouts any more.

In fact, at our age, going super intense could be the worst thing you do for your fitness!

So instead, we'll push ourselves the exact right amount to meet our goals.

The BODY SHAPER:  Strength Lover program includes:

  • A generous helping of weights work to shape and tone your body while increasing strength, improving your balance and building your bones
  • Just enough cardio to secure your heart health, improve your endurance and keep those feel-good endorphins flowing
  • A weekly routine that's designed to push your limits without pushing you over the edge
  • Lots of explanation and guidance for getting the best results
  • Printable progress checks and weekly journaling

This comprehensive plan is 

  • Low impact, with NO jumping
  • Safe for your wrists, with NO transitions up and down from the ground (most routines are all standing, a few are all floor work)
  • Quick, with all workouts clocking in under 30 minutes
  • Easy on your wallet, too, with no crazy equipment to purchase - use the dumbbells you already own

My friend, you don't have to figure any of this out on your own - this easy-to-use eBook contains links to full-length, follow along workouts on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel, where there's plenty of explanation and friendly conversation to keep you motivated and meet your goals!

Please note, this program is NOT aimed at weight loss, but is perfectly suitable for weight maintenance with an emphasis on changing the shape, strength and health of your body.  If weight loss is your primary goal, I highly recommend "The 5-0 Method:  Weight Loss for Women over 50," my FREE information + weight loss program.