*CLEARANCE* The HOT 100: ONE HUNDRED Day Workout Challenge SKU: 181554

Believe me, you've never challenged yourself like this before!  ONE HUNDRED DAYS of one hundred different workouts, each about ten minutes long.  You'll change your body and change your life with this challenge!


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The HOT 100 Challenge was born in May of 2017 with a desire to enjoy the long, lazy days of summer while also getting a great sweat from quick, simple workouts.  One hundred days later, Killer Bs everywhere were in the best shape of their lives, both mentally and physically stronger from having tackled the challenge.

YOU can get results like this, too!

*****  NEW!  Now this program also includes the Daily Goal Check In, a printable accountability tool designed to help you get results faster!

The HOT 100 is a unique adventure in fitness.  Some of the workouts are pretty low-key and some of them are major sweat-fests!  But all of them will let you get in, get sweaty, and get on with your day in a timely manner.

Here's how it works:

  • When you purchase this program, you'll receive a welcome message with a link to the page where you'll join.
  • Once you've entered your email address on that page, you're officially starting the challenge (so don't sign up until you're ready to go)!
  • You'll receive a new email each day with links to that day's workout (plus a warm up, a finisher, and a cool down).
  • Yes, that means you'll get 100 emails in 100 days!  That's the magic of this program - built in accountability and zero excuses

Are you ready for the CHALLENGE?  Let's go!