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Thinking about jumping into a fitness program, but not excited about the thought of  jumping?


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Simple Solutions 6-week workout program is the perfect plan for new Bs, with quick, FUN workouts that need:

  • Little or no prior exercise experience
  • Just 20 - 30 minutes of your day
  • Dumbbells or your bodyweight
  • NO transitions up and down from the ground:  the routines are all standing, all seated, or all on the ground

We're starting from wherever you are and building strength, stamina, tone and consistency with simple, fun, DOABLE routines that burn fat and build long, lean muscle.  This program is the exact right balance of tough but achievable.  I promise, you'll feel the workouts (and definitely feel proud of your accomplishment!), but you're not going to be crazy sore.

  • Keep yourself consistent and accountable with a super easy-to-use PDF eBook
  • Stop guessing if your program is complete or wondering if the exercises are going to be too hard
  • See real changes in your body from the perfect blend of cardio, strength training, HIIT and recovery activities 

This workout program has everything you need, including advice for getting started, friendly encouragement and mindset tips, some realistic guidelines for eating healthfully, and hand-picked workouts to improve your fitness.

*****  NEW!  Now this program also includes the Daily Goal Check In, a printable accountability tool designed to help you get results faster!

No need to try and figure this out on your own!  The embedded, clickable links in this e-book take you to the free, full-length follow along workouts on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel.

Let's get started!