My friend, let's tone and shape your body with some SERIOUS SWEAT!


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Are you ready to make the leap from Killer B to Killer BEAST?  Because, girlfriend, this is the Level FOUR workout plan that will take you there!  It's called SERIOUS SWEAT for a reason - these are some of the toughest and sweatiest workouts I've made, arranged in a perfect 8-week plan for maximum body-shaping results in minimum time.


You've already been working out for a while now and you love your cardio (who doesn't?), but you're not quite seeing the results you're looking for.  Well, my friend, it's time to introduce you (in a fun, friendly + sweaty way, of course!) to your new love:  strength training.


I know, I know!  You don't want to get bulky!  Neither do I, and I won't steer you wrong here.  


Over the next eight weeks, we're going to focus on high intensity work, with plenty of CARDIO (of course), HIIT, METCON (Metabolic Conditioning), and rock solid STRENGTH TRAINING.  These are body-shaping workouts that will help you:

  • Stay focused on your fitness goals, because you're getting results!
  • Tighten and tone your body, build metabolism-boosting muscle, and stretch your cardiovascular endurance
  • Push yourself out of your exercise comfort zone, and
  • Re-think your physical limits (hint:  you don't actually have any limits!)


The SERIOUS SWEAT workout program is

  • Easy to download (it's a PDF!) and access on your home computer or mobile device
  • Long enough to see amazing changes in your fitness and mental strength
  • Short enough to be interesting and exciting every day without getting overwhelming
  • Laid out in a simple visual calendar - if you know what day it is, you know what workout you're doing
  • Perfect for you if you're beyond the beginner stage and ready to level up

​Here's how it's all put together:

  • Six workouts and one rest day per week
  • The perfect blend of cardiostrength and high intensity exercise, with recovery activities, too
  • The emphasis is on challenging HIITSTRENGTH and METCON (Metabolic Conditioning) workouts, with the goal of shaping your body by building lean muscle tone
  • Workouts range from 30-50 minutes a day
  • You'll only need dumbbells and a Kettlebell to complete all of the workouts

​In addition to the workouts, there's plenty of instruction on how to use the program to get the best results, healthy eating tips, weekly mindset work for keeping a positive attitude and building healthy habits, and lots of praise and encouragement for all your hard work!  (Want more support?  Join The Killer B Hive, my private Facebook group, to meet other Bs on their fitness journey and have access to me for answers to your questions!)

*****  NEW!  Now this program also includes the Daily Goal Check In, a printable accountability tool designed to help you get results faster!


Here's what people are saying about the Pahla B Fitness workouts:

Erin K:  I love how you make working out fun, Pahla! One of my goals is to focus on how my workouts make me feel rather than on my weight or on just burning calories. Thank you for being such a positive, healthy influence.

Maureen S:  You are hard core, I was sweating like crazy by the end!! Once again your deceptive perkiness hides just how tough this workout really is--thanks again!! Also always appreciate your good form and advice on modifications--so many of these YouTube "trainers" (despite their workout studio setting and team of "demonstrators") use horrid form. You are a real pro!!

Teresa T:  I just LOVE your Videos. I LOVE the way you talk and laugh the WHOLE TIME you show your Exercise. You're such an Inspiration, Pahla.