BOSS LEVEL: 100 Day Split Strength Training Plan SKU: 141033

BOSS LEVEL:  The status a person achieves by making a better quality of life for themselves by doing what they need to do regardless of all the haters and obstacles out there. A person that calls the shots.  (from The Urban Dictionary)


So, Killer B, are you ready to reach BOSS LEVEL?


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You've been working out for a while now.  You're consistent.  You're strong.


And yet…


The sculpted look you've been longing for hasn't quite appeared and that booty pop is still eluding you. 


You're thinking you just need a little help to make it to BOSS LEVEL, and I gotta tell you, I'm thinking the same thing.  That's exactly why I made this strength training guide.  For YOU.


Here's the dealio!  The BOSS LEVEL Killer B Guide is:


***  EASY TO USE.  Download the PDF immediately and all of the workouts are right at your fingertips - just click and sweat!


***  But not easy!  This INTERMEDIATE-level workout program is designed for women with some consistent exercise experience, particularly with strength training, who want to kick it up a notch.


***  STRUCTURED and PREDICTABLE.  For the next 100 Days (which is about 14 weeks, in case that makes it sound slightly less intimidating, LOL) you'll know exactly when Leg Day is coming so you can plan on not climbing any stairs the next day.  :)


***  STRENGTH-based.  Sure, there's still a Cardio Day each week (and you can add your own any time you want to!), but the main goals are body shaping and building lean muscle.


***  Focused on PROGRESS.  The first few workouts might seem "easy," but the Guide moves forward steadily and before you know it, you'll be pushing yourself past your limits into BOSS territory.


***  Very REPEATABLE.  This isn't a one-and-done Guide - in fact, you'll probably get more out of the program by repeating it!  Coming back to the same workouts with heavier weights is a proven way to build strength.


***  MODIFIABLE.  There are plenty of notes about making the program fit your schedule, your current fitness level, your preferences and your cycle.  The best workout program is the one that works for YOU!


The facts at a glance:




Average Workouts per Week:  6

Average Time per Workout:  27 minutes



​In addition to the workouts, there's plenty of instruction on how to use the Guide to get the best results, healthy eating tips, mindset work for keeping a positive attitude and building healthy habits, and lots of praise and encouragement for all your hard work!  (Want more support?  Join The Killer B Hive, my private Facebook group, to meet other Bs on their fitness journey and have access to me for answers to your questions!)

Here's what people are saying about the Pahla B Fitness workouts:

Erin K:  I love how you make working out fun, Pahla! One of my goals is to focus on how my workouts make me feel rather than on my weight or on just burning calories. Thank you for being such a positive, healthy influence.

Maureen S:  You are hard core, I was sweating like crazy by the end!! Once again your deceptive perkiness hides just how tough this workout really is--thanks again!! Also always appreciate your good form and advice on modifications--so many of these YouTube "trainers" (despite their workout studio setting and team of "demonstrators") use horrid form. You are a real pro!!

Teresa T:  I just LOVE your Videos. I LOVE the way you talk and laugh the WHOLE TIME you show your Exercise. You're such an Inspiration, Pahla.