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Killer B, I made this LOW IMPACT Workout Guide for YOU!  I know you're ready to get serious (and get serious results), but it can be tough figuring out exactly what to do from day to day to reach your goals.  Add in that whole "I don't like to jump" thing and it can take you almost as long finding a workout as doing one!

This 14 Week Workout Guide focuses on strength training and high intensity work to shape your body and build your confidence.  You'll get the consistency you need with a tough but flexible training schedule, and the results you want with fun and challenging workouts.



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So, here's the scoop.  This 14 Week LOW IMPACT Workout Guide is:

  • Long enough to really see changes in your body
  • Short enough that it won't seem overwhelming
  • Easy to use - just click on the thumbnail of the workout and it takes you right to the video on YouTube
  • Perfect for beginners with some exercise experience who are ready to level up

​Here's how it's all put together:

  • Six workouts per week, following a regular, predictable and flexible schedule (you can change days off if you need to)
  • There's a perfect blend of cardiostrengthcore workrecovery workouts and high intensity exercise
  • The emphasis is on STRENGTH and METCON (Metabolic Conditioning) workouts, with the goal of shaping your body by building lean muscle tone
  • There's no jumping in any of the workouts.  None.  Nada.
  • Some workouts are longer and some are shorter, but the average time you'll spend working out per day is just 25 minutes
  • There's a different workout every day of the Guide - perfect if you get tired of doing the same ol' thing!
  • You'll need dumbbells, a Kettlebell and a stability ball to complete all of the workouts

​In addition to the workouts, there's plenty of instruction on how to use the Guide to get the best results, healthy eating tips, weekly mindset work for keeping a positive attitude and building healthy habits, and lots of praise and encouragement for all your hard work!  (Want more support?  Join The Killer B Hive, my private Facebook group, to meet other Bs on their fitness journey and have access to me for answers to your questions!)

Here's what people are saying about the Pahla B Fitness workouts:

Erin K:  I love how you make working out fun, Pahla! One of my goals is to focus on how my workouts make me feel rather than on my weight or on just burning calories. Thank you for being such a positive, healthy influence.

Maureen S:  You are hard core, I was sweating like crazy by the end!! Once again your deceptive perkiness hides just how tough this workout really is--thanks again!! Also always appreciate your good form and advice on modifications--so many of these YouTube "trainers" (despite their workout studio setting and team of "demonstrators") use horrid form. You are a real pro!!

Teresa T:  I just LOVE your Videos. I LOVE the way you talk and laugh the WHOLE TIME you show your Exercise. You're such an Inspiration, Pahla.