*CLEARANCE* Killer CORE for Runners SKU: 127283

Unlock the secret to stronger, faster, injury-free running in just eight weeks with this quick and fun CORE-STRENGTHENING workout guide!  Supplement your current run training plan with these perfect follow-along workouts and watch your speed go up as your effort goes down!  Get results with full-length workouts that only require a set of dumbbells or your own bodyweight.


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YOU can run faster.  The secret isn't more miles, it's strength training.  Yeah, seriously.

This isn't your brother's bodybuilding plan - no heavy lifting, no bulky muscles, no endless hours in the gym.  It's four days a week of quick and simple workouts (some with weights and some without) that'll get you in your best running shape ever. 

*****  NEW!  Now this program also includes the Daily Goal Check In, a printable accountability tool designed to help you get results faster!

Here's how I know:  I had been running for years and kept watching my pace times get slower and slower, while occasionally being sidelined with minor injuries.  I thought maybe it was inevitable decline that comes with age and heavy-mileage training, but then I discovered the key that changed it all:  consistent cross-training that builds your core strength and develops your support and stabilizer muscles.

I know that sounds kind of boring, but I promise, these workouts are FUN!

You'll follow along at home with me in real time while we're laughing and sweating our way to faster, fitter running.

These are the exact workouts that I've used to run injury free for over five years (I would knock on wood, except that I don't need to - these workouts work!) and shave glorious minutes off of my most recent race times.

(I know you're curious.  My marathon PR is 3:54:07 - a Boston Qualifier! - and half marathon is 1:51:16)

You've heard before that strength training is good for you, and maybe you even picked up a dumbbell a few times before deciding it wasn't for you.  But it is, really.  Here's why:

  • Quick workouts that are easy to squeeze into your already busy schedule.  This program assumes you want to spend 10 minutes or less on your core, and I couldn't agree more - it's plenty of work when you do it consistently!
  • You don't have to figure anything out on your own.  I'll guide you step-by-step through everything!  No need to worry about correct form or making sense of stick-figure pictures of exercises - the PDF download contains clickable links to full-length follow along workouts on YouTube, where I am literally sweating along with you.  I explain all the exercises and give plenty of encouragement on-screen, too.
  • Safely progress your workouts to get results.  We're starting with the basics and slowly ramping up the intensity over several months of workouts, not jumping into something crazy that you can't sustain.
  • You won't turn into a muscle-bound meathead, I promise.  We're working on the principle of muscle endurance here, with lighter weights, higher reps and speedy workouts.  You'll build lean muscle and probably see some changes in the shape of your body, but we are not getting heavy or bulky with these workouts!
  • Workouts that are easy enough for beginners without being too easy.  I believe that exercise should be simple and fun, not complicated or hard to follow.  I'm a middle-aged mother of teenagers, so, honestly, if I can do these workouts, you'll be able to do them, too!

​Are you ready?  Then let's go!  You've got nothing to lose, except maybe that old PR.  :)