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The Killer B Guide to YOUR Killer Body, with fun + sweaty daily workouts designed to tone your muscles, boost your metabolism and ramp up your endurance, is the perfect fit for you if you've been working out here and there and you're ready to get serious about consistency (which, by the way, is the only way to get results).  Mixing the right blend of 20-30 minute strength training, HIIT, cardio and recovery workouts, this program will help you get consistent and confident!


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The time is right and you're ready to go.  You've been working out for a while now, you enjoy it and you're ready to get serious about making changes and getting results, but you're still not sure what you need to do.  How much strength training, how much cardio?  Do you really need a meal plan?

Killer B, this is the workout program for you.

Now you can stop worrying if what you're doing is enough.  It is.  YOU are.

The Killer B Guide to YOUR Killer Body is eight weeks of sweaty, challenging + FUN workouts, designed to take you to your limits and then smash past them.

*****  NEW!  Now this program also includes the Daily Goal Check In, a printable accountability tool designed to help you get results faster!

The secret to getting the killer body you want is that there is no secret, just hard work and consistency.  This Killer B Guide is the step-by-step program that will help you accomplish both, with fun workouts that are easy to do every day.

From strength training with weights to HIIT to bodyweight core workouts, this program has it all, and all you need is a set of dumbbells.  There's enough variety to keep you interested, and the right amount of routine to help you feel like you've mastered the exercises.

Daily workouts are laid out for you in a simple PDF, with links to specific, hand-picked, full length workouts on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel.  All you have to do is click and sweat!

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Here's what people are saying about the Pahla B workouts:

Erin K:  I love how you make working out fun, Pahla! One of my goals is to focus on how my workouts make me feel rather than on my weight or on just burning calories. Thank you for being such a positive, healthy influence.

Maureen S:  You are hard core, I was sweating like crazy by the end!! Once again your deceptive perkiness hides just how tough this workout really is--thanks again!! Also always appreciate your good form and advice on modifications--so many of these YouTube "trainers" (despite their workout studio setting and team of "demonstrators") use horrid form. You are a real pro!!

Teresa T:  I just LOVE your Videos. I LOVE the way you talk and laugh the WHOLE TIME you show your Exercise. You're such an Inspiration, Pahla.